About us

About us

Facitec emerges from the necessity to innovate and generate value with quality products, created to make your life and your surroundings easier.  With functional and esthetic designs to improve your environment and the place you live in.   We wish that with our products you confirm you have purchased a different product that will help you to obtain savings in the managing and care for water, as well as electric consumption, all of this also has improvements at global level in reducing contamination.

This way we are always thinking of you, with ideas to improve your life and your surroundings.

De esta forma siempre estamos pensando en Ti, con ideas que mejoren tu vida y tu entorno.


Facitec is a Brand that offers quality products to the market, to make your life easier, offering you a new alternative, that generates value and improves your surroundings.


We want our products to be on each home, hotel, commercial plaza and in the industries to make life and surroundings of people easier.

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